Authentic, eco-friendly urban stacked townhouses

Discover Two by Two — a unique urban project intelligently designed for people who make it a priority to take care of themselves, their neighbourhood and their planet.

Two by Two is a new way of living in the city. These stacked townhouses have been built and oriented according to the sun’s path to provide superior energy performance, to reduce energy consumption and to save you money.

Designed for comfort, each unit includes either a backyard area or a large south-facing balcony, interior and exterior storage spaces, optional access to a rooftop terrace for the upper units, nine-foot-high ceilings for the main living floors, and sound-proofing that exceeds industry standards.  That’s approximately 1600 square feet of living space per unit, split on two storeys.  Only 349 500$.

Choosing Two by Two means choosing an abundant urban way of life, in the heart of Québec City’s Old Limoilou neighbourhood.

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©TERGOS 2016 2x2Limoilou
©TERGOS 2016 2x2Limoilou
©TERGOS 2016 2x2Limoilou

The Ultimate in Urban Townhouses

Do you know the seven fundamental criteria of a sustainable and green building? Two by Two is proud to lead the way:

Quality, above all:
  • Designed to maximize each square foot
  • High-quality construction to ensure a sustainable, long-term investment
  • Novoclimat 2.0 and LEED® for Homes Platinum certifications for residential buildings
Bioclimatic conditions:
  • Passive solar orientation :
    • Sunny in winter
    • Shade in summer
  • Natural transversal ventilation
Respect of surroundings:
  • A facade that takes inspiration from the traditional Limoilou style
  • Building dimensions that harmonize with the neighbourhood
  • Ideal street location
Use of smart building materials:
  • Local: Thuya occidentalis (white cedar) for the building’s exterior
  • Natural: brick, wood, steel
  • Recycled: rock wool, loose-fill cellulose, reclaimed wood
Efficient use of resources:
  • Sorting of recyclables on-site
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • FSC-certified wood
  • Optional rainwater collection
Focus on energy efficiency:
  • Novoclimat 2.0 certification
  • Energy Star® certified windows
  • Estimated 20% reduction in energy consumption
And, last but not least, style and comfort:
  • Excellent natural lighting
  • Superior sound-proofing
  • Harmonious layout


The units

Two by Two, is human-oriented, for you. The complex consists of two pairs of stacked townhouses. How many rooms would you like in your unit? Do you want to give your own personal touch to your future life in your home? Then you’re in the right place!

A Proud and Forward-Looking Team

Tergos — Real Estate Promoter

The architects at TERGOS Architecture and the entrepreneurs at TERGOS Construction have joined forces to provide you with the authentic and sustainable Two by Two real estate project.


The team at TERGOS has united its expertise in architecture and construction to present its first authentic, environmentally sustainable project as a real estate promoter. The architects at TERGOS Architecture have joined together with the entrepreneurs at TERGOS Construction to offer you Two by Two: authentic, eco-friendly urban townhouses.

At home in Limoilou at Two by Two

Interested in a unit?

Take advantage of the opportunity to live in an intelligently designed environment and contribute to making the world a better place.

With Two by Two, you choose to contribute to a better world. Our real estate agency will have the honour to contact you as soon as possible.

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